Driving Revenue Through Corporate Teams, Sponsors & Charity Teams!

Social Endurance partners with endurance event companies to assess and develop sustainable charity and corporate team programs into their events. We have the experience of working with the largest endurance events series in the world and many others to develop sustainable team programs to increase event participation and revenue.

How we do this:

  • Social Endurance assesses current charity and corporate team's program to determine how best to increase participation through teams

  • Create a low barrier of entry for teams - this is different from a low entry cost.

  • Create a high ROI for charities to get involved. We have the experience of working with charities from around the world through endurance events to know how to help charities succeed in endurance programs

  • Social Endurance will review the 'team benefits' the endurance event company offers charities and corporate teams and develop the benefits to build awareness, recruit runners, and deliver a great ROI for team partners

  • Social Endurance will also support the event company through securing corporate teams and corporate sponsors

  • Social Endurance will provide event companies with the Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports which highlights employers and employees involved in outdoor sporting activities for any major city in the U.S. and abroad  - See Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports

  • We also support event companies to develop a registration process that is easy and convenient for teams, regardless of your current registration platform. We know teams like to purchase entries in bulk - without names for those entries, manage the entries, invite runners to claim those entries then order more entries. We understand this process and have managed it on a very large scale 

  • Online tools for developing more value for your teams. We understand how to develop value for your corporate and charity teams. We also know which tools to develop for helping your team partners recruit runners. Help your teams by creating online tools to support their team recruitment and build awareness

  • Social Endurance has the experience and expertise to develop sustainable charity and corporate team's programs for your endurance event(s). Regardless of what registration platform you currently use, we will work with you to develop significant improvements in your team programs