Charity Teams

Social Endurance partners with  nonprofit charity partners to evaluate third-party wellness event participation. We also evaluate i'n-house' wellness events and develop a cost analysis to determine which strategy is best for the nonprofit

How we do this:

  • Social Endurance assesses current charity and corporate team's program to determine how best to increase participation through teams

  • Create a low barrier of entry for teams - this is different from a low entry cost.

  • Create a high ROI for charities to get involved. We have the experience of working with charities from around the world through endurance events to know how to help charities succeed in endurance programs

  • Social Endurance has the experience of developing and implementing a sustainable charity program for the largest endurance event company globally. We understand how charities can engage in wellness events, fundraise, and receive a great return on investment

  • Social Endurance will also support the event company through securing corporate teams and corporate sponsors

  • Social Endurance has the experience and expertise to develop sustainable charity programs for wellness events and campaigns