Data Driven Solution

Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. The focus of the Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports is to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness in securing corporate teams and sponsors into endurance and charity events. Increase event registration & revenue!

Social Endurance believes corporate teams and sponsors are an excellent solution for charities and endurance event companies to grow event participation and revenue.

NEW! You can now leverage the power of Facebook with the Social Endurance Corporate Team Reports. You are now able to upload the Corporate Team Reports into your Facebook business account to connect with these corporate teams and conduct targeted marketing to develop event participation and revenue! Corporate teams are an excellent solution for increasing event participation and revenue. Our Corporate Team Reports allow you to  connect with the most engaged employers and employees in the community via LinkedIn, directly, and now through Facebook!

The Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports provide endurance event companies and charities with an easy and quick way to identify and connect with employees and employers who are the most engaged in the community and in outdoor sporting events throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our reports provide you with the information you need to connect with for-profit companies to develop great partnerships. 


The top job titles by city and how many employees have these job titles. You can also view which employers and employees are associated with these job titles.


The top industries by the city are particularly important to charities. This can help develop partnerships with corporations that share a similar industry. Our reports also highlight how many employees in each industry and lists the employers and employees


Our reports highlight the top companies by gender. This information shows employee participation by gender in outdoor sporting events. This is particularly helpful when doing research on how to engage with these companies as corporate teams and sponsors. The more you know about how these companies engage in the community the better you can develop a corporate teams and sponsorship program for them. 

Our reports highlight employers that have multiple employees participating in outdoor sporting activities. We list the employee name, employee demographics, employer name, employee job title, industry name, and a link to the employee's LinkedIn profile. We also provide a list of the top 25 employers who have the most employees participating in events, top job titles, top employers with the highest number of employees in events by gender and more analytics. 

Each Social Endurance report also highlights the HR professionals who participate in these outdoor sporting activities. We also created a national report that focuses on the HR professionals for the companies listed in our reports nationally.

Our reports provide your development team with an excellent solution to increase revenue quickly and will provide a fantastic ROI. The cost for one individual city report is $599. One corporate team and or one sponsor will more than pay for this service! We create these reports for 11 major cities throughout the U.S. We also offer the National Report which contains the information from all 11 reports. 

Our clients can also leverage the Social Endurance proprietary software to improve their current databases. Social Endurance proprietary software can develop employer and employment data for our client's databases including job title, employer name, industry name, and a link to their LinkedIn profile.  Social Endurance will also find matches for employees from the same company. We use our in-house analytics tools to develop statistics on the employers with the most employees in your database, and most common job titles, most common industries.