National Report Social Endurance 1Q20

National Report Social Endurance 1Q20

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The Social Endurance Secondary Data National Market (U.S.) Report contains over 115,230 employers and employees. The National Report combines the data from the 11 individual city reports. The cities contained in this report include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, and New York. The employers and employees listed in this report are some of the most engaged in the community. These employers and employees have also recently engaged in some kind of outdoor sporting event. The focus of these reports is to significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams and sponsors into your events!


Our reports highlight the employee's name, employee's employer, job title, industry name of employer, link to the employee's LinkedIn profile, city, state, gender, and age. We also create statistics and analytics so you can get a better understanding of the corporate teams. Statistics include the companies with the most employees engaged in outdoor sporting activities, the top job titles, the top industries, average age by job title, and top job titles by industry.


These reports also include Human Resource professionals. HR professionals play a very important role in helping to develop corporate teams and employee engagement in events. This report contains more than 1119 HR professionals. We identify the decision-makers and provide a quick way to connect with them.


Since our reports include a link to each employee's LinkedIn profile, this enables you to learn more about the employee and the employer. The LinkedIn link allows you to quickly and easily reach out and connect with these prospects and share information regarding your events. If you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will be able to share attachments with these contacts.


The focus of these reports is to significantly increase your efficiency in securing corporate teams and sponsors into your events. Our reports are priced to provide you with an excellent return on investment. One corporate team may easily pay for the cost of this report.


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