What Does Corporate Engagement Look Like?

Watch this video to see a great corporate team engaged in endurance events through a nonprofit.

Two of our Social Endurance team members were fortunate enough to be a part of this team and helped lead it for thirteen years. This corporate team also engaged in health and wellness events with a charity partner for more than ten years. This video highlights the win-win-win partnership between the corporate team, the charity, and the endurance event company. The corporate team supported the charity through fundraising, 100% corporate matching, sponsorship, and also sponsored the event. 

As you can see from the above paragraph, there are a lot of benefits for charities and event companies to partner with for-profit companies. But, it's important that charities and event companies clearly understand the value and benefits for the corporate teams. The corporate team in the video benefited greatly from these partnerships. This team was laser-focused on increasing employee engagement, community engagement, and improving employee health and wellness. These corporate initiatives helped the employer increase employee retention, productivity, slow the rate of increase for healthcare costs and decrease employee absenteeism. The charity and event company also benefited from the more than 800 employees posting on social media highlighting their engagement in the event through a great nonprofit. 

For nonprofits and endurance event companies, corporate partnerships have much to offer. If you're looking to diversify funding streams, grow revenue, grow event participation (virtual events included), corporate partnerships are a great solution. The process of developing corporate partnerships has changed significantly in the past five years. There are more tools than ever to help you identify the most engaged employers and employees in the community and the best matches for your organization. Digital tools provide you with the convenience of being able to identify and connect with engaged corporations and employees quickly. The key is to understand the benefits and the value for corporate partners and develop the marketing collateral that highlights these benefits for your potential corporate partners. Focus on developing partnerships and not just sponsors!

This pandemic has caused many charities and especially event companies to reevaluate their funding streams. Connect with the team at Social Endurance to see what corporate partnerships would look like for your organization. And, if you currently do have a corporate partnership program but it's underperforming, now is the time to assess, make the necessary changes, and create an effective and sustainable program.  

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