Pharmaceutical Partners

Pharma companies are in the business of health. Many of our charity partners have a health/disease cause for their organization. A partnership between these charities and pharma companies are a natural match. Pharma companies can also be a natural partner for our endurance event partners - promoting a healthy lifestyle. In order to support these efforts, Social Endurance has developed a database of the top diseases globally, the FDA approved drugs for these diseases and drug manufacturers.

Social Endurance partners with charities and endurance event companies to help develop great corporate partnership programs and partnerships. Part of our work is creating a sustainable and effective strategy and messaging. Another part of our work is helping our clients quickly identify and connect with for-profit companies that share a similar interest, industry, and or values. In the past, the biggest challenge for charities and event companies in developing corporate partnerships has been who to reach out to. We have created solutions for this challenge.

The Social Endurance Pharma Database contains thousands of drug manufacturers and FDA approved drugs for the top diseases globally. Our database also contains drug manufacturers by disease. These drug manufacturers are the high-probable prospects for your specific charity/cause. Keep in mind the pharma companies are in the business of health. Not only should they be supporting charities that have similar interest but they should also be supporting healthy lifestyle events. Here is a sample of the diseases in our database along with the number of pharmaceutical companies:

  • Alzheimer's - 23 pharma companies

  • Asthma (chronic lower respiratory disease) - 50 pharma companies

  • Breast Cancer - 66 pharma companies

  • Bronchitis (chronic lower respiratory disease) - 77 pharma companies

  • COPD - 30 pharma companies

  • Colorectal Cancer - 50 pharma companies

  • Diabetes - 26 pharma companies

  • Emphysema - 30 pharma companies

  • HIV/Aids - 31 pharma companies

  • Heart Disease - 93 pharma companies

  • Kidney Disease - 52 pharma companies

  • Lung and Bronchus Cancer - 8 pharma companies

  • Malaria - 44 pharma companies

  • Prostate Cancer - 71 pharma companies

  • Stroke - 32 pharma companies

  • Suicide - 87 pharma companies

  • Tuberculosis - 52 pharma companies

Our focus is to provide charities and endurance event companies with solutions to help develop great corporate partnerships. We know that you are very busy, limited resources, time, and people. We provide you with the convenience to acquire the information that will help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness in developing corporate partnerships. This pandemic is an excellent opportunity to begin growing and diversifying your funding streams by developing corporate partnerships.

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