National Corporate Teams Report

Trying to grow corporate teams and sponsors in your events? We just updated and posted to our website our National (U.S.)Corporate Teams Report. It contains more than 103,524 employers and employees that are the most engaged in the community and in outdoor sporting events! This report covers the following cities - San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. You can view the details of our reports on our website.  Corporate teams and partnerships are an excellent solution for increasing event participation and revenue!

Social Endurance has developed a solution to help charities and endurance event companies increase event participation and revenue by securing corporate teams. Our Corporate Teams Reports highlight the most engaged employers and employees in 11 major cities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our reports list the employers and employees that recently engaged in an outdoor sporting event within the last 12 months. Our reports cover the following cities (We cover the greater area and not just the specific city):

  • San Francisco (22,250 employers and employees contained in this report)

  • Los Angeles (3046)

  • San Diego (2477)

  • Phoenix (5962)

  • Denver (6196)

  • Chicago (10,613)

  • Atlanta (10,544)

  • Philadelphia (12,307)

  • Washington DC (8008)

  • Boston (5790)

  • New York (16,453)

  • The California Report (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego) - (60,998)

  • The National Report (103,524)

The Social Endurance Corporate Teams reports highlight the employee's name, job title, employer name, industry name, demographics, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. We also provide the analytics and statistics that highlight the most engaged companies, top job titles, average age by job title, and analytics by gender and industry. Because we provide the link to the employee's LinkedIn profile, this allows you to connect with these contacts quickly and easily and invite them to your events and to engage with your organization. 

Our Corporate Teams Reports provide charities and endurance event companies with excellent information that's outside of their database. This is called secondary data. Social Endurance will also help develop employer data for your existing database (primary data) by using our proprietary software. We provide solutions to help charities and endurance event companies significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams into your events. You should expect an excellent ROI through these services!

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