Looking for Sponsors?

One of the best places to look for potential sponsors is your current database. Donors and participants in your databases are already familiar with your events and organization. Until now, there hasn't been a quick and affordable solution for developing the employer information for your donors and participants. 

Through companies like Social Endurance, you can now develop employer information to find engaged employees and corporate prospects from your own database. This process is highly effective and efficient. If you are able to see the companies that are engaged with your organization, the job titles, and which companies have multiple numbers of employees engaged with your organization, you will then have a clear list of corporations to invite to your events and to become corporate sponsors. 

Identifying the most engaged employers and employees in the community is key for efficiently growing your event participation and sponsorships. The key to this process is being able to deliver great benefits and opportunities to these teams. What benefits will these teams receive for engaging with your events and organization? Do you currently have metrics and insights that will highlight the benefits of a potential sponsorship partnership? If not, use our 'Corporate Partnership Guide' to help you develop a sustainable strategy and benefits for attracting and retaining corporate teams and sponsors. 

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