Leverage Technology To Develop Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are an excellent solution for increasing event participation and revenue. One challenge charities and event companies have experienced in the past is which companies to connect with to develop a potential partnership. In the past, this has typically been a low return on investment. 

Corporate partnerships have many benefits for corporations as well as charities and event companies. At some point in your plan to develop corporate partnership you will eventually have to develop a priority list of which companies to reach out to. The best place to start is with your current databases. Most everyone in your database are already familiar with your organization and or events. If you do not have employment information for the people in your databases, you may be able to develop this on your own if resources and technical know-how permit. If not, partner with companies like Social Endurance to develop employer data for your participants and fundraisers in your databases.

The  database development work that Social Endurance develops can provide you with employer name, job title, industry name, and a link to the LinkedIn profile for the people in your databases. You should also receive statistics on this data so you see which employers have multiple numbers of employees already engaged with your events and organization. The job title information will help you identify the decision-makers. 

Developing employer information for your databases can be quick to obtain and a great place to prioritize your potential corporate partners. This will also allow you to focus less on lead generation and more time on securing corporate teams and sponsors into your events and into your organization. 

Once you develop employer information for your databases and create a priority list, you can begin your outreach. You may also want to integrate secondary data, information from outside our organization and databases to supplement these efforts. You can leverage the technology know-how of companies that specialize in secondary data to increase the volume and value of the data so it matches your efforts and industry. Social Endurance provides charities and event companies with Corporate Team Reports that highlight employees and employers that are the most engaged in the community and in outdoor sporting events. 

Now, charities and event companies can leverage technology to help develop corporate partnerships to increase event participation and revenue. This not only saves time and money but will also significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams and sponsors.


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