Increase Event Participation & Revenue Through Corporate Partners

Are you trying to increase event participation and revenue at your events? Are you having a hard time developing good growth in your events? Or, are your event participation numbers stagnant? At Social Endurance, we partner with charities and endurance event companies to help integrate corporate teams and corporate sponsors into your events.

Three quick steps to integrate teams into your events:

Develop the benefits corporate partners will receive for engaging in your events. Why should a corporate partner join your event as a team? What extra benefits will they receive? Create a brochure with these benefits that you can share with potential corporate partners. Add this brochure to your website and let your entire database know about your new corporate team's program. When creating the benefits, think of what the employees will receive and what the company will receive as benefits. Think long-term here. Develop these partnerships over time and constantly focus on adding value to the partnership. Today's team of 12 could be tomorrow's title sponsor and the team of 800 plus participants (true story). 

Leverage the Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports. Our reports highlight the employees and employers that recently engaged in outdoor sporting activities for every major city in the U.S. Our reports identify the people and the company's you need to connect with to invite to your events. We also provide you with a very simple way to connect with them. Our reports highlight the employee's name, job title, employer name, industry name, city, state, gender, link to the employees LinkedIn profile, and much more. 

Partner with Social Endurance to help update your existing database. Do you have employment information on the people in your database? Are you able to see how many people work for the same company? If not, let Social Endurance help you. We can use our proprietary programs with limited information from your database to develop employment information for the people in your database. We do this work through a non-disclosure. We are able to develop and provide you with employee's job title, employer name, industry name, link to the LinkedIn profile, and analytics. If you are trying to increase event participation and revenue through corporate teams, this service will be very helpful to your efforts.

Social Endurance partners with endurance event companies and charities to increase event participation and revenue through corporate partnerships. Our Secondary Data Market Reports significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams and sponsors into your events.

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