Engagement Feedback From Corporate Executives

Social Endurance engaged with corporate social responsibility and sponsorship executives to provide charities and endurance event companies with feedback to help support corporate team and sponsorship development

Social Endurance reached out to a dozen corporate social responsibility and sponsorship executives. All executives that responded have experience in endurance events and engaging with charities. Most of these companies are medium to large-sized corporations.

Our focus is to provide our charity and endurance event partners with feedback from these corporate professionals. This was not a formal survey and some feedback was provided in person or over the phone. We aim to provide additional value and information to our charity and corporate partners to help them better engage with corporate teams and sponsors.

Some corporations look to engage in fun events to increase employee engagement and community service. When this is your goal, how do you pick an event?

  • Our goal is typically to engage at least 10 members from each location in a community service project each month. We pick a goal that typically supports a local organization or one that our employees are passionate about.

  • We pick events that fall in line with our values as a company. Often times we pick events that an employee has a connection with as well.

  • There are several factors. 1) Is the event a non-profit organization (NPO), or does it have an associated Foundation? 2) Does the event actively and publicly support causes/charities in its area, whether it's an NPO or not? 3) Does the event offer participants a way to not only support the event's mission but also to be able to support what the participant cares about? 4) Does the event offer a solution (internal or external technology platform/API, et al) for the participant to make donations, or participate in a fundraiser that they create and raise funds for?

  • We pick events and charities that we believe the majority of our employees will want to engage in and support. We also look for events that we can engage in as a team, have fun and sometimes support a charity at the same time.

Does your company have a focus on improving employee health and wellness? Does your company provide incentives for employees to engage in healthy activities and events?

  • Health and Wellness is a big focus for us and our employees. We were named as a health company and are always looking for ways to educate our workforce and provide resources for them to continue healthy lifestyles. We are currently doing a "biggest loser challenge" promoting exercise and healthy eating.

  • Health wellness is an important part of our company. We are in the process of launching a new company-wide program. For our employees at our main campus in San Marcos, CA they have the ability to use our 10,000 sq. ft. gym for a nominal monthly fee. Throughout the year we have wellness challenges to engage our employees including hosting a 5K/10K on our campus.

  • Yes and yes.

  • Our company will support employee health initiatives that are conducted as an employee team or through a team charity event

Does your company offer a corporate matching program for employees to engage with and fundraise for charities?

  • We are launching a 2 for 1 program in the next month or so.

  • We do offer a corporate matching program for donations to charities, not specifically for fundraising campaigns. Currently, it's an annual program through the United Way, where the employee chooses the charity they wish to support (one-time donation, or monthly paycheck withdrawal) and the company matches that total amount pledged to the United Way. This program will be evolving into an ongoing campaign with a web platform to encourage more engagement.

How can charities and event companies make it easier for you to engage in their healthy events like walk, run, and cycle events?

  • Any events that have locations that match up to ours are extremely helpful and don't require a large number of employees to participate.

  • Make it as easy as possible for us to participate. From team registration to onsite logistics.

  • By posting their giving or volunteering opportunities on external partner platforms to encourage engagement. Most participants find out about events via referral, social media or targeted advertising.

  • By providing an easy and quick way for us to register as a team. Provide us with all the events that are available throughout the year and allow us to pick which ones work for our schedule.

How can charities and event companies make your job easier when trying to engage with your company through sponsorships? What event/sponsorship details are the most important to you that will help you engage?

  • The most important information that will be helpful to us is what all the items the sponsorship includes and all the sponsorship levels.

  • We typically don't sponsor events corporately. If a regional sales manager has an interest in sponsoring an event, they are able to do that out of their own budget.

  • Via better communication of the event and/or event opportunity. Most events struggle to keep their messaging current all year. The best event details are those that clearly explain who will be responsible for the activation of the sponsorship, how that will be communicated, and most importantly how will it be measured and reported on.

  • By providing event participation and demographic information. This is key. Also, make it clear what the different sponsorship package levels are and what the benefits are for these sponsorships.

Volunteering is a great way to increase employee engagement, especially with millennials. How do you decide on which charities and or events to engage with through volunteering?

  • Employees always have the option to select an organization or cause they are most passionate about but other events are typically selected by our Community Outreach Ambassadors at the various locations.

  • We often time choose charities that a local employee has a connection with.

  • It depends on the charity, its mission and where its located - which markets are they serving is most important to a corporation in terms of CSR reporting.

  • We will engage in team volunteer opportunities. Employees have the discretion to pick charities and we decide as a team which team volunteer opportunities sound the fun and impactful.

Do you often find yourself torn between being a sponsor of a running event or becoming a team/sponsor for a charity team running that race? Or are these two separate decisions between marketing and community affairs?

  • We have yet to run into this issue but we would be more open to becoming a team/sponsor for a charity team running event

  • Not usually. Employees do participate in running event/races on their own, creating a team, such as Ragnar Relay

  • No, these decisions in most cases are mutually exclusive although som corporations will handle both efforts under one department.

  • Not really. We look at the best way to engage in an event. If it happens to be through a charity, great. If not, we engage in the event directly.

Social Endurance will be working on developing a formal survey in the near future with the intent of reaching out to a much larger pool of corporate social responsibility and sponsorship executives. We believe this has real value for our charity and endurance event partners. Again, our focus with this information is to provide our partners with added value and information to help efficiently develop corporate teams and sponsorships.

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