Employer-Sponsored Cancer Screenings Save Lives

Preventive cancer screenings save lives. Employer-sponsored cancer screenings can make a significant difference in the fight against cancer. These screenings may also be 100% covered by your insurance provider.

Social Endurance is teaming up with employers nationally to help activate an employer-sponsored colon cancer screening campaign in March 2022. March is Colon Cancer Awareness month. Employees can now do screenings in the privacy of the employee's home and at their convenience.

Social Endurance provides employers with step-by-step guidance for activating a simple colon cancer screening program. We can also recommend several nonprofits in the colon cancer space to give this program more meaning.

Download our Enterprise Cancer Screening Program guide to learn more. Plan and budget now to be a part of this program.

Enterprise Screening Program 2022 Deck
Download PDF • 806KB

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