Employer-Sponsored Cancer Screening Program

Plan and budget now for a March 2022 colon cancer screening program for employees. Depending on your insurance provider, these screenings may be FREE. Screening options may include at-home colon cancer screening kits to be completed in privacy and at the employee's convenience. March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and a great time to participate in this program.

Social Endurance is partnering with employers to provide support, resources, and a simple 6 step process to conduct this screening campaign at your organization. We will give the employer:

  1. The process to efficiently conduct this campaign

  2. Support employer in developing appropriate messaging to invite all employees 45+ to participate in the program and or employees that may be at increased risk

  3. The colon cancer screenings may be FREE for employees, depending on your insurance provider

  4. Resources to help employers and employees better understand colon cancer, screening options, and screening result paths

  5. Support your organization in reviewing the results from this campaign, including the test results and potential healthcare cost savings from preventive screenings

  6. Give more meaning to this campaign. Social Endurance can recommend nonprofits from the colon cancer space to support initiatives in screening for colon cancer in underserved communities

Colon Cancer is the #2 cause of all cancer deaths for men and women combined and is the most detectable, treatable, and beatable.

Benefits for employers

  • Support employee wellness efforts

  • Employers demonstrate that they care about the well-being of employees

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Preventive cancer screenings save lives

  • A low-cost campaign with significant results!

  • A free program for employees

To learn more about an Enterprise Screening program for your work, email us at support@socialendurance.com

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