Developing Corporate Partnerships

Social Endurance partners with charities and endurance event companies to significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate partnerships for your events and your organization. Here is how we can help and support your efforts:

Our Facebook group, 'Corporate Teams and Sponsorships' is an open forum to develop dialogue, share ideas, and receive resources to help charities and event companies develop corporate partnerships. Join charities, event companies, and corporate sponsorship executives from around the world in this group.

Why engage with corporate teams?

  • Efficiency in growing event participation and revenue

  • Sponsorship revenue

  • Shared social media marketing

  • Increase volunteers at your events

How can Social Endurance support your efforts to grow corporate partnerships?

Social Endurance supports charities and endurance events in many ways to efficiently develop corporate partnerships. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you and your organization.

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