Develop Your Data & Develop Corporate Partnerships

If you're interested in increasing event participation and revenue, corporate teams are an excellent solution. One of the best places to look for potential corporate partners is your current databases. The people listed in your databases are already familiar with your organization and events. If you currently do not have employer information for your databases, begin to develop this. This is something you can do on your own if you have the resources or you can partner with companies like Social Endurance to quickly develop this information. By developing employer information for your databases you will also significantly increase the ROI on your corporate team and sponsorship efforts. 

The key information you want to develop is employer name, job title, industry name, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. Once this work is completed, you will want to look for the following:

  • Key decision-makers by job title - HR professionals, owners, executive-level staff members

  • Industries that match yours. Look for companies that have similar interests

  • High engagement. Look for companies that have multiple numbers of employees engaged with your organization. More than likely, these companies have a strategy to engage in great events as a team. These companies are always looking for great events to engage as a team. They have a focus on increasing employee engagement. 

Once you develop employer information for your databases, you can then begin the outreach to connect with these companies. The new employer information you obtain will make it very clear which companies and employees you should reach out to and develop a corporate partnership. No more guessing which companies to reach out to and who to connect with.

Developing employer information for your databases can be time-consuming. If resources don't allow you to do this on your own, you can partner with companies like Social Endurance to develop this information. We encourage everyone to do this work through a non-disclosure agreement to protect your data and your organization. Social Endurance specializes in developing employer information for charity and endurance event companies to increase event participation and revenue.

Connect with Social Endurance to learn how you can quickly and effectively develop corporate partnerships!

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