Develop Corporate Partnerships in 2020

Corporate partnerships are an excellent market of growth for charities and endurance event companies who have neglected this opportunity. 2018 corporate giving Nonprofits Source statistics show that corporate partnerships are an excellent opportunity for growth.

  • $5 billion = approximately how much money is raised through workplace giving annually.

  • More than 49% of nonprofit respondents identified workplace giving as a growth strategy for their organization.

  • 90% of corporations indicated that partnering with reputable nonprofit organizations enhances their brand and 89% believe partnering leverages their ability to improve the community.

  • 9 out of 10 companies offered a matching gift program.

  • Employees who engaged in corporate giving programs tended to have 75% longer tenure with the company.

Another key statistic that supports Social Endurance's work - 80% of nonprofits in Snapshot 2014 said they have difficulty building strong corporate partnerships and workplace giving strategies with limited staff and resources. Social Endurance partners with charities and event companies to significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams. How does Social Endurance increase efficiency in securing corporate partnerships?

  • Strategy - we have the experience of integrating some of the largest corporate teams into events through a nonprofit

  • Outreach planning to increase efficiency - developing employer information for client's databases (primary data)

  • Social Endurance has one of the largest databases of the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events for cities throughout the U.S. and abroad. View all Corporate Team Reports here

  • Assessing current outreach efforts 

As you finalize your 2020 plans, we encourage you to see the opportunity with corporate partnerships and add corporate team development into your plans. If you would like to learn how we can help your organization increase event participation and revenue through corporate partnerships, email us at

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