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Business owners, corporate executives, and HR professionals are constantly trying to recruit and retain great employees. Employee engagement is a high priority. Team morale is important. HR and CSR professionals are looking to better understand the needs of employees and how best to support them all while trying to help slow the increase of medical costs and increase community engagement.

Social Endurance knows from experience how a strategy to support employee health, wellness, and community service needs can significantly increase employee engagement. There is a fantastic way to support your employee wellness and engagement efforts along with giving back to your community - through endurance events.

Endurance events are an excellent way for your company and employees to get involved in a healthy activity as a team. This is particularly beneficial because this will support activities outside the office and the company's bosses’ will be able to demonstrate through action that they do care about the employee’s wellbeing.

Here are some excellent benefits you can expect from developing a corporate team to participate in great endurance events:

Increase employee engagement,

increased employee wellness program participation,


engage in the community through a great cause,

excellent opportunity to promote corporate responsibility,

public goodwill, team volunteer opportunities, develop a positive and healthy work environment = reduce absenteeism, possibly reduce or slow down the increases in medical costs/insurance, an excellent way to promote your company and brand, and event sponsorship opportunities - reach a new audience.

An additional benefit for employees and employers is to provide more meaning to your corporate team program in endurance events by partnering with a great charity. This can significantly increase the engagement in your employee health and wellness efforts. There are many great charities that are looking for corporate teams to support their cause. Social Endurance always recommends corporate teams to engage in endurance events through a charity to give more meaning to your journey.

Endurance events include the following:

- Fun run/walk events including relay teams

- Cycling events

- Obstacle course events - great team building events

- Triathlon events - especially relay

- Hiking

Corporate Giving & Corporate Engagement Statistics:

- 88% of corporations believe effective employee engagement programs help attract and retain employees

- 77% of corporate respondents believe that offering employee engagement opportunities is an important recruitment strategy to attract millennials

- Employees who engaged in corporate giving programs tended to have 75% longer tenures with the company

- Corporate giving in 2018 increased to $20.5 billion, a 5.4% increase over 2017

- $5B is how much money is raised through workplace giving annually, and 9 out of 10 corporations offered a matching gift program.

Corporate team leaders and HR - look for endurance events that support corporate teams and provide an easy way for your team to get involved in the event and that promotes your participation!

Endurance event participation is a great way to share the excellent employee engagement activities your company creates! Share your participation in these events on social media often and watch how people will be attracted to your company and brand!

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