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The key to success with building corporate partnerships is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in your outreach to for-profit companies. Before you begin your outreach efforts, you want to make sure that you are focusing on QUALIFIED contacts that have a shared interest in your events and or organization. That is why we recommend developing your primary and secondary contacts before you begin your outreach. This will significantly increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts and deliver a great ROI. 

Your Participant/Donor Databases - The best place to start!

If you're trying to secure corporate partnerships, you will need to review employer information in your participant/donor databases. This is the best place to start because these contacts are already familiar with your organization. Develop your focus list of QUALIFIED contacts first before you begin your outreach efforts.

  • If you do not have employer information for your donors/participants, develop this data with the support of companies like Social Endurance. Social Endurance partners with charities and event companies to develop the job title, employee's employer name, industry name, and a link to their LinkedIn profile for your database

  • Look for multiple employees from the same employer. Finding companies that have multiple employees engaged in your events shows that these companies have an organized effort to engage in events as a team

  • Highlight decision-makers from your databases like HR, Founders, Owners, VP, etc. These are excellent contacts to engage with

Secondary Data - This is supplemental data from outside of your databases and organization. This can significantly help you increase the efficiency of your outreach and expedite the growth of corporate teams with your organization.

  • Look for information on the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events. Leverage companies like Social Endurance that deliver quality data on QUALIFIED employers and employees that recently engaged in the community and in outdoor sporting events. Services such as the Corporate Teams Reports by Social Endurance can provide you with an immense amount of qualified employers and employees to help you get a great start

  • Conduct your own secondary data research to find the most engaged employers in the community and in outdoor sporting events

  • Add all secondary data to your database and grow their contact information over time

  • Prioritize the secondary data before you begin your outreach

Combine Your Prioritized Primary Contacts and Secondary Contacts & Begin Your Outreach!

After you combine your prioritized contacts from your primary databases and your secondary data, begin your outreach efforts. By following this strategy, you will increase the efficiency of securing corporate teams into your events and organization.  Share with potential corporate partners the benefits for teams to engage in your events and with your organization.

Corporate teams are an excellent solution for increasing event participation and revenue. Corporate partnerships can bring many benefits to endurance event companies and charities including the following:

  • Group participation in events

  • Sponsorship

  • Fundraising

  • Corporate Matching

  • Volunteering

If you're trying to increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams into your events and organization, reach out to us at to learn more.

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