Charities! Create Sustainable Partnerships with For-Profit Corporations

Partnering with the right for-profit corporation can help your nonprofit grow revenue, donor base, event participation, and event sponsorship. The key here is to develop a partnership, not just donations.

Corporate Giving Statistics:

$5 billion = approximately how much money is raised through workplace giving annually.

More than 49% of nonprofit respondents identified workplace giving as a growth strategy for their organization.

90% of corporations indicated that partnering with reputable nonprofit organizations enhances their brand and 89% believe partnering leverages their ability to improve the community.

An estimated $2–3 billion is donated through matching gift programs annually.

82% of HR executives surveyed say employees want the opportunity to volunteer with peers in a corporate-supported event.

88% believe effective employee engagement programs help attract and retain employees.

Regardless of your nonprofit’s size or budget, you can create a sustainable Corporate Outreach Strategy. Focus on developing the benefits your charity will be able to deliver to your corporate partners.

Provide excellent events that corporate employees can engage in. Great events will help corporations increase teamwork, team morale, and employee engagement.

Health & Wellness. Provide corporations with events where their employees can work on their health and wellness. This can be accomplished through /walk, cycling, obstacle course events and so on.

Cause marketing. Share with corporations how a partnership with your nonprofit can benefit the corporation through public goodwill. Develop what your nonprofit’s cause marketing assets look like; social media followers by channel, email database statistics, demographics, and geography.

Fundraising and training support. Corporations want to partner with nonprofits that will provide them with excellent tools to help their employees engage in events and fundraise. Provide your corporate partners with excellent fundraising ideas, templates, and training guides for your endurance events.

At Social Endurance, we understand how many nonprofits have limited resources, time, and people. We work with nonprofits of all sizes to develop sustainable Corporate Outreach Strategies that have a high ROI. We also work to provide you with a high priority list of corporations that are a great fit for a partnership with your nonprofit.

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