A Guide for Increasing Event Participation & Revenue through Corporate Teams

Nonprofits & Endurance Event Companies! Are you looking to increase event participation and sponsorship in your events? Find out how some of the largest endurance event companies in the world are using our Secondary Data Market Reports to help them quickly enter new markets, rapidly increase event participation, sponsorship, and community partnerships. Our services provide you with an excellent ROI.

Social Endurance partners with nonprofits and endurance event companies to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your development team in securing corporate teams and sponsors into your events.

Social Endurance works with nonprofits and endurance companies through the following:

Secondary Data Market Reports. Our reports highlight the employees and employers that are participating in outdoor sporting activities for every major city in the U.S. and in 4 different countries. We provide the employee name, job title, employer name, age, gender, city, state, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. Our data also highlights the Human Resource contacts that are engaged in these outdoor sporting activities. Our reports show you exactly which companies you should be reaching out to and the employees from each company that are engaged in these kinds of events. No more guessing!

Corporate Outreach Consulting. We work with event companies and nonprofits to help develop the value proposition for recruiting corporate teams and sponsors into your events. We have the experience of creating the largest corporate team to participate in a large endurance event series with a charity partner for more than 12 years. We know how to develop the value for corporate teams to engage in your events and to become corporate sponsors.

Sponsorship & Corporate Team Recruitment. We also have the experience of conducting the outreach efforts to secure corporate teams and sponsors for endurance event companies and nonprofits.

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