7 Steps For Creating Corporate Partnerships in 2020

At Social Endurance, we know that corporate partnerships are a great solution for increasing event participation and revenue (sponsorships). We partner with charities and endurance event companies to significantly increase the efficiency in securing corporate teams and sponsors. Our focus is to create solutions and services to help all charities and endurance event companies develop corporate partnerships.

There are seven steps for developing a sustainable strategy that integrates corporate partnerships.

  1. The plan. Develop an overall strategy/plan that fits with the resources available for your organization. This includes the marketing, outreach, events, and resources available for this program. Request our free Corporate Partnership Guide which highlights the necessary components of a sustainable strategy. This is a great guide to help you develop your own strategy.

  2. Pre-outreach planning. After you've completed your plan and before you begin your outreach, you will want to create a focus list of the most qualified potential corporate partners. The best place to start are your current databases. If you have employer information for your databases, great. If you do not have employer information, work with companies like Social Endurance to develop employer information for your participants and donors. The people in your databases are already familiar with your organization. Start here. 

  3. Secondary data. Your database is considered primary data. You will want to supplement your database with information obtained from outside your organization. Social Endurance develops reports that highlight the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events like walks and runs. Secondary data can add a significant amount of qualified employers and employees to your database and increase your opportunities in quickly developing corporate partnerships. Some secondary data, like the Corporate Team Reports from Social Endurance can be uploaded to your Facebook page. This allows you to market to and connect with a very focused list of potential corporate partners. 

  4. Outreach. After you've developed your plan and you've completed your pre-outreach planning, you can now begin your outreach to connect with employers and employees. Your plan will provide you with the resources necessary to share with your potential corporate partners. Keep in mind that corporations are looking for organizations and events that will help them increase employee engagement, support their employee health and wellness initiatives, and provide an avenue to increase their community service. Focus on team-building activities and events. You will also want to reach out to past sponsors and industries that have a shared interest with your organization. 

  5. Review & evaluate. Be sure to set monthly and quarterly meetings to review and evaluate the progress of your corporate partnership program. Be sure to measure the progress compared to your goals. Create goals that are measurable. Evaluate the resources and make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that making adjustments to your program will be necessary - there is no perfect plan. Stick to your mission but adjust your plan as necessary. 

  6. Repeat! After you have reviewed the progress and made the necessary changes, get back to delivering great team opportunities for corporate partners. Be sure to convey the message that this is a long-term strategy and not something you're testing. If you're team believes this is something you're testing, you will receive little effort from your team and little to no results. Convey the message that you are in the process of developing a successful corporate partnership program and will continue to do so in the future. 

  7. Celebrate successes. Be sure to celebrate successes and recognize publicly those people who have worked hard to develop the corporate partnerships. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to recognize your new corporate partners and share the story of this partnership - this will motivate other companies to consider your organization as a potential partner in the future! Celebrate success often!

The purpose of step 2 and 3, pre-outreach planning, is to increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts. In the past, charities and endurance event companies have struggled with their outreach which in turn, delivered poor results and a poor ROI. The pre-outreach work is necessary and with supplemental secondary data, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts. 

Corporate partnerships are an excellent solution for increasing event participation and revenue. Download our free Corporate Partnership Guide to help you get started and or to make the necessary changes to your current program to increase revenue. 

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