3 Steps For Growing Corporate Partnerships

Updated: May 5, 2020

Corporate partnerships are a great solution for diversifying funding streams and growing revenue.

Develop corporate partnerships quickly, effectively, and deliver great results for your corporate partners

Quickly: Create how corporations will engage with your organization and events

  • Event participation

  • Co-marketing

  • Co-branding

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Volunteering

Develop the benefits for your corporate partners

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Team building

  • Community engagement

Create the marketing collateral that highlights your organization, cause, the benefits for your corporate partners, and how they can engage with your organization and events

Effectively: Identify the best potential corporate partners quickly. Here are the best places to look for potential corporate partners.

  • Your donor/event database. Develop employer information for these people. If you don't have the resources and or time to develop this information, partner with an outside company like Social Endurance that will develop this information for you.

  • Look for companies that are the most engaged in their industry. For charities, find corporations that share a similar industry, interest, products, and or services. 

  • Shared interest. For event companies and charities with endurance events, identify the most engaged employers and employees in outdoor sporting events. Partner with data aggregation companies like Social Endurance to leverage this data

Market your new corporate partnership program

  • Add a dedicated online page to your website with how companies can engage with your organization and events

  • Email campaigns to your database to highlight the benefits of your new corporate partnership program

  • Social media. Leverage your social media channels to share your new corporate partnership programs, share testimonials, and provide highlights on new corporate partners. 

  • Corporate Ambassadors. Create ambassadors to help you deliver the message of your new corporate partnership program to their circle of influence. 

  • Share information about current partnership

  • Share testimonials

Deliver Great Results to Your Partners:

  • Be clear on what your corporate partners expect from you and your organization through a partnership and make sure you can deliver! Also, be clear on what you expect from them! Provide your corporate partners with results from their engagement with your organization. You want to show how you delivered per your agreement and the Return on Engagement and Return on Investment. 

  • Track social media results from co-marketing campaigns

  • Track email campaign results

  • Follow up with your corporate partner to see how else they benefited - recruited new employees, customers, generated sales, etc. 

Lastly, be sure to plan for how your corporate partners will re-engage with your organization and events. After you have provided your corporate partners with great and engaging events, be sure to invite them to be a Corporate Ambassador for your organization. Leverage their circle of influence and reach a new audience. 



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