2022 Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are an excellent way for two or more organizations to collaborate for developing awareness, education and possibly grow revenue for their brands or a specific cause. These partnerships benefit from the strengths and assets of the partnering organization - this can be incredibly valuable. Additionally, there can be increased benefits for corporations that choose to partner with a nonprofit.

Brand partnerships are not to be confused with a simple donation to a nonprofit. Donations are an easy transaction for a corporation but have a minimal extra benefit for the corporation. A successful brand partnership begins with well-aligned companies coming together to raise awareness. The successful partnerships may include brand awareness efforts, community engagement initiatives, marketing campaigns, educational initiatives, supporting employee wellness programs, community healthcare initiatives, and much more.

At Social Endurance, we partner with brands and nonprofits globally to create great partnerships and campaigns. We love to help create great partnerships between for-profit companies and nonprofits. In most cases, the most significant opportunity for success with these partnerships comes from the campaign created between the partners. Campaigns have to align perfectly with each partner's goals, and they have to develop great awareness in the community.

For nonprofits, brand partnerships with the proper corporate partners can have huge benefits. These partnerships can significantly help the nonprofit develop awareness, diversify funding streams, and grow revenue. In addition, for-profit companies may receive even more benefits from a collaboration with a nonprofit. This may include positive brand recognition, increased employee engagement, positive public goodwill, reaching a new audience, corporate social responsibility benefits, possible tax benefits from donations or sponsorships, and much more.

Now is a great time to begin planning and budgeting how your organization will partner with the right nonprofit or corporate partner in 2022. We can provide you with examples of past and current partnerships and or share specific suggestions for potential partners for your organization. Contact us to learn more.


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