2021 Corporate Giving Report

We have just completed the Social Endurance 2021 Corporate Giving Report to highlight corporate community investment for the year 2020. This is an excellent report for Corporate Social Responsibility professionals and nonprofit leaders.

The Social Endurance Corporate Giving & Community Engagement Snapshot reports how corporations are investing in the community and how they are partnering with nonprofits. This report was created to provide you with statistics, trends, and observations to help you better understand and develop your community engagement efforts and brand partnerships.

Here are some key findings from this report:

  • Corporate Purpose. Corporations that reported having no corporate purpose statement or employees not knowing their purpose also had lower community investment and engagement

  • Human rights, inclusion, equity, and diversity measurements were reportedly either steady or rising with most corporations

  • General Philanthropy. There was a 5% general increase in charitable contributions in 2020 compared to 2019, increasing to $471.44 billion

  • Foundations increased contributions by 17% to $89 billion

  • In 2020, contributions to religious organizations accounted for around 28% of all donations, amounting to $131 billion

  • The highest increase in contributions was toward organizations for public-society benefit, with a rise of 16 % to $48 billion

  • Measuring Social Impact. According to CECP's previous years' reporting, over 85% of corporations measure outcomes on at least one grant. Reaching an all-time high in 2019, 92% of surveyed CECP members measured the social effects of at least one partnership.

Download the complete report to see brand alignment trends, statistics on giving, corporate purpose initiatives, and the value of partnerships between nonprofits and corporate brands.

Social Endurance partners with brands and nonprofits globally to create great partnerships. To learn more, visit socialendurance.com and or email us at support@socialendurance.com

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