2019 Social Endurance Corporate Team Engagement Snapshot

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Social Endurance partners with charities and endurance event companies to help develop corporate partnerships. Social Endurance helps its clients develop sustainable strategies and plans along with helping develop data on the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events.

2019 continued to show high engagement with corporate teams in the community through outdoor sporting events. Corporations continue to see great events as opportunities to increase employee engagement, support employee health and wellness initiatives, community service, and to have fun.

Social Endurance has developed one of the largest databases of the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events. Our data paints a clear picture of what employee engagement looks like and the trends to follow in 2020. Corporations realize there are many benefits for engaging in great events especially if there's a nonprofit cause involved.

Social Endurance develops this data to help our industry and clients better understand what employee and employer engagement looks like. Our data helps our clients better develop their services and the benefits for corporations to engage with their brand. This includes job title information. Below, we highlight the top job titles by gender.

The data on top job titles shows that there are some differences between the two charts. This data is particularly helpful for events and charities that have a gender-specific focus. This information will support targeted marketing efforts for these two groups.

Along with top job titles by gender, top job titles by industry is critical for improving the outreach to developing corporate teams.

Many of the industries above continue to show high engagement year after year, especially Higher Education, Computer Software and Health Care. We expect that these industries will continue to lead in 2020.

Companies in the Computer Software industry continue to lead engagement in the community and in outdoor sporting events. These companies continue to invest time, energy, and money in community service, and employee health and wellness. We don't see this trend slowing down. These numbers will continue to grow as their businesses grow.

New York and California continue to lead in corporate team engagement. This might be just because of the population, but at the same time, both of these states have a high number of computer software, financial, health care, and higher education industries.

Social Endurance continues to develop solutions and services for charities and endurance event companies to help efficiently and effectively develop corporate teams and sponsorships. Social Endurance has a clear focus on strategy/planning development, primary data (database development), and secondary data through the Corporate Team Reports.

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