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Market Intelligence Report

We use our data to create Market Insight Reports for our clients

At Social Endurance we are pioneering the most advanced database and data analytics in the endurance events space. Social Endurance focuses on developing market intelligence by collecting data, developing data, creating data analytics and the development of predictive data models on the most active and healthiest population in the United States. Our data primarily focuses on participants in various types of outdoor sporting events. We segment our data to help certain clients focus on a specific type of activity or sport. We also build an employer profile for data subjects to help develop the demographics and to also highlight which corporations have employees participating in outdoor sporting events. Corporations that have a large number of employees participating in outdoor sporting events more than likely have a well organized ‘wellness program’. These corporations are excellent opportunities for endurance event companies and charities to build a partnership, fundraise and possibly receive sponsorship dollars.

We use our data to create Market Insight Reports for our clients. These reports contain the following:

  • Outdoor sporting event participant demographics by city. Our data currently focuses on U.S. data subjects and cities.
  • A list of corporations that have employees participating in outdoor sporting events in large numbers.
    • A list of companies and how many employees are participating in a specific endurance events.
    • Contact information for the top corporations.
    • A list of employees participating for each corporation.

Accurate demographics will provide you with the information you need to improve your social media, traditional marketing efforts and sales. Our Market Insight Reports can help you improve your efficiency, effectiveness and reduce your marketing dollars. Corporations are an excellent opportunity to promote your products and services for healthy living and active individuals and corporations.

Benefits Include:

  • Recruit more participants and fundraisers (endurance event companies & charities)
  • Recruit more corporate partners, sponsorship dollars and corporate team participants.
  • Increase your knowledge and effectiveness in developing a new region or new event.
  • Trying to improve your marketing and social outreach to the most active and healthiest population in the U.S.? We can help you.
  • Increase sales of your products and services to the outdoor sporting event participants.
  • Quality:

    Quality of our intelligence data and our service is paramount to us. We focus on delivering the most up-to-date, comprehensive and complete data on the most active and healthiest individuals in the U.S. We use proprietary programs and manual methods to validate our data in-house. We also take time to review our data with our clients to make sure there is a clear understanding of the data and how to implement it. ROI!

    Focus Markets:

    We currently develop data for ten U.S. markets. We continue to add more markets to our list. Our data is also segmented by outdoor sporting event per market to provide our clients with sport specific data. We currently only focus on U.S. data subjects and U.S. outdoor sporting event data.