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Charity & Endurance Event Database Development

The key to success with building corporate partnerships is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in your outreach to for-profit companies. Before you begin your outreach efforts, you want to make sure that you are focusing on QUALIFIED contacts that have a shared interest in your events and or organization. That is why we recommend developing your primary and secondary contacts before you begin your outreach. This will significantly increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts and deliver a great ROI. 


Your Participant/Donor Databases - The best place to start!

NEW! You can now leverage the power of Facebook to connect with the employers and employees developed from this service.  After Social Endurance develops employment information for your database, you can then add these contacts to your Facebook business account to market to these people. This focused marketing approach delivers great results for increasing event participation and revenue (sponsorhsips). 


If you're trying to secure corporate partnerships, you will need to review employer information in your participant/donor databases. This is the best place to start because these contacts are already familiar with your organization. 


Charities and endurance event companies can leverage the Social Endurance proprietary software to improve their current databases. Our proprietary software will develop employer and employee information for our client's databases including job title, employer name, industry name, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. Social Endurance will also find matches for employees from the same company. We use our in-house analytics tools to develop statistics on the employers with the most employees in your database, most common job titles, and most common industries. 


The cost of this service starts at $950. We know that one small corporate team gained through this service will more than pay for this fee. This is a high ROI service. In order to protect our clients, Social Endurance only performs this service through a non-disclosure agreement. 


Social Endurance not only helps charities and endurance event companies develop employer and employee data for their databases (primary data) but we can also provide our clients with new data on the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events through our Corporate Teams Reports (secondary data). 


Social Endurance provides charities and endurance event companies with the best services to identify and connect with the most engaged employers and employees in the community and in outdoor sporting events.