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Social Endurance partners with charities and endurance event companies to develop the strategies and resources to integrate corporate teams and sponsors into your events. Social Endurance develops a sustainable strategy and identifies the best corporations to partner with.

Social Endurance understands the opportunities and benefits for partnerships between charities, endurance event companies, and corporations. We have partnered with global endurance event companies and charities to develop partnerships with corporations to increase event participation and revenue. 

We develop the benefits and resources for our partners that attract partnerships with corporations. We also leverage the Social Endurance Secondary Data Market Reports  and the Database Development services to find the right corporate partners for each client. These services allow for a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Services Include: 

  • Messaging and Marketing. We help develop the messaging that resonates with corporate partners and the marketing collateral to support the messaging

  • Sponsorship Program and Sponsorship Package Development. We develop the value for the client's marketing assets, brochures, sponsorship packages, co-branding and co-marketing programs

  • Prospect Development. We help our clients develop employer information for their database, we provide thousands of the most engaged employers and employees in the community, and take past participant/sponsor information to combine it all on one template and the prioritize these prospects. 

  • Corporate Recruitment Committee Development and Management. We help our clients develop their CRC committee and work with them to reach out to their circle of influence to develop great corporate partnerships.

  • Corporate Outreach Support. If you are limited in resources and time, we can help you develop corporate partnerships. We will identify and develop the corporate partnerships for your organization and or events.

  • Corporate Engagement. This service includes sponsor activation and integration, and sponsor stewardship

  • Corporate Team Development, Management, and Activation

  • Event Digital Marketing. We leverage our database of the most engaged employers and employees in the community along with our social media presence to reach out to corporations to invite them to your events to develop a corporate team and sponsorship

  • Fundraising Cultivation & Relationship Building

  • Community Engagement