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Corporate Wellness Program

Leveraging our experience to create engaging health and wellness initiatives

Social Endurance partners with endurance event companies to create sustainable Charity & Corporate Team integration programs. We work very closely with our event partners to create a custom team integration program for each specific event or event series. Social Endurance created and hosted the charity team program for the world’s largest running event series. We support our event partners through the following: program creation, technology needs to support each program, marketing support and sales support. Social Endurance has an extensive database and relationships with charities that participate in endurance events and charities that are interested in participating in endurance events. Social Endurance also has a proprietary system of identifying corporations which have large numbers of employees participating in endurance events.

We have also created a proprietary program which identifies corporations that have large numbers of employees participating in outdoor sporting events. We leverage this program to reach out to these corporations and invite the corporation to create a team and participate in our partnered events. These corporate partners are also an excellent opportunity to develop sponsorship revenue. This proprietary program is created to provide us with employer and employee information for any major city in the U.S.

Social Endurance has the experience and the expertise to create a charity or corporate teams program for your endurance event(s). Regardless of what registration platform you currently use, we will work with you to develop the right program from your events.