Corporate Wellness Program

Leveraging our experience to create engaging health and wellness initiatives

The Social Endurance team has more than 13 years creating and implementing corporate wellness programs. This experience was first gained as an employee for a large corporation with more than 240 offices across the U.S. We not only understand the challenges in creating the right wellness program for the corporation but we also understand the necessary work to engage employees with health and wellness initiatives. We have first-hand experience in creating from scratch, the right health and wellness programs for the specific corporation.

The Social Endurance team focuses first on developing a clear understanding of the corporation, it’s values, the demographics of the employees and the corporations vision for a great wellness program. We believe in focusing on the complete health and wellness of individuals. This includes the well-being of each individual physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Our team also has extensive experience in creating corporate teams to participate in outdoor sporting events which include running and walking events.

We helped create and develop the largest corporate team to ever participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events for more than 12 years. This corporate team reached it’s apex on year ten when more than 740 employees and family members participated in this event.