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Driven by a passion to enable achievement in the health and fitness space, we developed a custom state-of-the-art digital platform that connects endurance event companies with charities, corporate teams and their participants. We believe that alignment around a common goal enables the body and mind to do things that were never possible before. Together, let’s change “can’ts” and “nevers” into accomplishments and success.

connective platform

Our digital platform connects event companies with charities, corporate teams and participants by allowing for seamless connections, team building and support, and asset/data sharing.

customer obsessed

Our focus on the customer experience drives us to collaborate with our event, charity and corporate team partners to develop affordable pricing structures, low barrier to entry, and marketing and educational plans that provide all parties with value.

marketing ingenuity

We act as an extension of your marketing department by collaborating to develop successful strategies, campaigns and content that drive results.


It started in the backyard boardroom over margaritas and s’mores, and developed into a reality that became Social Endurance. By leveraging our individual strengths, tapping into our networks and previous experiences, and supporting each other, we’ve developed a tool and a team that enables achievement.

Team formed

We were friends (and spouses) first, neighbors by geo proximity, and boasted 3 uniquely experienced backgrounds. Together we formed a trifecta of strategy, creativity, and technology

An Agency is Born

After about a gajillion group text messages, a couple sleepless nights and many, many, many URL availability searches, we settled on our name; Social Endurance. We cheer’d, we celebrated, then we got to work!

Our Values

Our Vision:

We believe that when motivated, the human body can push itself beyond it’s comfort zone
We believe that “we” is stronger than “I” and that the “why” is more powerful than the “how”
We believe that movement inspires collaboration, human connection, and achievement

Our Mission:

Unifying individuals to achieve a common goal by pushing themselves to levels they never thought were possible

Our Positioning:

Inspiring collaboration, human connection, and achievement

Our Name:

Social: defined as relating to a society or an partnership, a companionship or a mutually aligned interest

Endurance: defined as the ability to withstand something, most notably a difficult situation, without giving it away

These are 2 very strong positions that, on the surface, seem to contradict each other, but take a second to dig deeper…

When we aligned as Social Endurance we dug deeper, took a step back and realized that life is pretty awesome, but there will be challenges that arise. These challenges, big or small, are always made easier with support. Social support is a powerful thing; it can get you out of bed to make the most of the day, it can get you to the finish line of a marathon and it can get you out the door to meet up with your friends!

We believe that together we are better, and that when we endure things together, our mutual support pushes us to succeed. Our name, our company, and our platform all align around this ethos and we are here to help you reach your goals.

Our Kick Ass Team

We are better together, leveraging our strengths, recognizing our weaknesses, but always collaborating to drive results.

Lucy Diaz

Lucy Diaz

Idea Factory. Industry Expert.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Boy Genius. Geek Speak. Cold Brew.

Robert Diaz

Robert Diaz

The World's Most Likable Guy. Deck Builder. Margarita Maker.

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